The Best Educational Science Book For Studying Human Anatomy

If you are searching for an anatomy atlas then you have probably already heard of Grant, Netter and of course Gray’s. An Atlas of Anatomy (Thieme Anatomy) by Gilroy, MacPherson, Ross and Schuenke should be considered up there with the best. Gilroy’s atlas is blessed with over 2000 impressive full-colour illustrations by Voll and Wesker. These two artists have managed to achieve an effective 3-dimensional representation of structures. An excellent bonus feature with this atlas of anatomy is the rub-off code you get which gives you access to the interactive website “”. The atlas contains many tables and charts providing ready reference and easy to find information at a glance. It has been written as a tool for learning anatomical relationships, not as a surgeon’s reference. Great for students, because you can “read” a chapter and the book will help you build an understanding of the body. You will likely have those “Aaaaahhh…that makes sense” moments unlike Netter’s and Grant’s which can be a bit heavy going.

If you ever need to see a tendon or muscle that is the source of symptoms or you need to refer back to an anatomy text from school to remind yourself of the relationship between structures or you are a student taking anatomy then the newly published book from Thieme, Atlas of Anatomy should be on your reference shelf. Of the several atlases that are available to the student, the atlas of anatomy by Gilroy is one of the most useful and complete. The completeness of this atlas of anatomy along with its presentation, clarity of illustrations, and content brings everything together for the student. I must return to the illustrations as they have exceptional clarity, which makes them visually pleasing and engaging. The atlas employs excellent organizational strategies; it is filled with excellent illustrations, diagrams and clinical notes.

The atlas is very well organized leading the reader step-by-step through each region of the body. Beginning with the foundations of the skeleton and then adding in turn the muscles, organs, vessels, nerves, and finally presenting topographic anatomy to complete the picture.

Key Features:
- Over 2000 full-colour illustrations of exquisite detail
- Concise introductory texts for each new topic
- Clinical correlates and images, including radiographs, MRIs, CT scans, and endoscopic views
- Muscle Fact pages
- Navigators that orient the reader with location and plane of dissection
- A scratch-off code provides access to an interactive online study aid

This atlas of anatomy is a brilliant masterpiece, filled with anatomical illustrations of great accuracy, appropriately labelled and aesthetically appealing. It flows logically and systematically through the regions of the body. Indispensable not only for medical students, medical residents in surgical specialties, but also for health professionals and practitioners. This atlas would not look out of place in a home library either. This atlas provides everything in just the right format, making the mastery of human anatomy eminently achievable.

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